Thursday, August 31, 2006

Annam Payasam / Paramannam

This recipe is for Vineela's JFI for milk and the product is MILK.
I made this for Vinayaka Chavithi.

My god there are so manythings that came into mind when I saw the ingredient as Milk.
I love this payasam so much and the place where I came from we call it Bellam(Jaggery) Paayasam. This is a must payasam for Sankranthi and for house warming. This tastes really good with dal and ghee. I used to hate this when I am back home where I can get it all the time but now I am craving to get that taste. I tried my best and happy for the outcome.
Coming to recipe I got it from Indira's Mahanandi. I used both jaggery and sugar and didn't make that thick. I cant wait to get it thick and more over I like it on little milky side.

Come on bring the bowls and spoons and help yourselves.


Vineela said...

Hi Smitha,
paramannam as nivedhyam.
Thanks for partcipating in JFI.
Lord Ganesh looks cute.
See in round up in first week of Sept.

KrishnaArjuna said...

Nice post Smitha..
Don't mind if I do come over for some prasadam..

Smitha said...

Thanks Arjuna and Vineela.
You are always welcome Arjuna.Have you been to St.Louis anytime?

Sanjana said...

Most attractive photo of Lord Ganesha.
Thanks for sharing such a delicious Andhra dessert -Pramanam
Although this pranamanam sounds new to me i guess i have come across it here: