Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tomato soup and crackers

Happy Ugadi to all
I am back from India and back to routine again. I finally got some time to blog something after 4 months. Theres so much going on these days with guests from thanksgiving, our trip to texas for christmas, guests for Newyear and shopping for India bla bla bla.. Anyways I am glad to be back and nice to see so many new bloggers. Lets start this spring with this soup and crackers. There is no recipe since I made it with campbells creamy tomato soup. I just added salt and pepper and garnished with cheese. Since we have the topic of soup, I have to tell about Panera. I like all soups there.
*Panera bread is St.Louis based company. Its called as St.Louis bread Co in St.Louis but not panera. you learnt something from my blog today :)