Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spinach Fry (vepudu)

Do you have anyone in your house who don't like leafy vegetables, here is an easy but healthy recipe which tastes good with Rice or Roti. This is my quick and easy version.This is my contribution for Spring in the air of Meeta.(

I used one bag frozen spinach for this instead of fresh spinach.
Slice one onion to thin slices. Fry the onion in a tbsp oil to little brown after popu.
Add the Spinach to this mixture and add salt per your taste.
Add chilli powder after its cooked and fry for few minutes. Thats it.Pretty simple right.
This is one of those quick recipes at school to make sure we get leafy vegetables in our food other than in dal. I wish I have this food blogging knowledge then (not long long ago..just 2002/2003) :)
Can anybody help me get the names of Collard greens and Turnip greens in telugu or hindi. I have seen recipes on blogs using these but didn't try till now.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Quick noodles just like on pack

Doesn't my title suit well for this picture? :). This is made with maggi noodles. I am sure we can make this with ramen noodles as well.
Nothing fancy except adding some mixed vegetables and tomato to the boiling water and cook before we add noodles and masala powder. Easy to try when you want to take it easy on dinner.
This is my contribution to Nupur's A to Z of Indian Vegetables event for "Q".