Monday, April 30, 2007

Karivepaku kaaram podi

This is my entry for Indira's JFI of Greens. I started my blog starting with JFI for Mangoes after visiting the beautiful site of Mahanandi. Since then though I am on and off from blogging, my passion for food and cooking remained the same.
Here is the recipe for karivepaku kaaram.I got the recipe online but kind of recap and my effort for this event.
red chilli-8
corriander seeds-2spoons
jeera-1 1/2spoons
tamarind paste-1spoon
black gram dal-2spoons
We have to fry coriander seeds,fenugreek,tamarind,black gram,red chilli in oil and remove from fire and cool it .Fry curryleaves upto dry in the remaining oil .Grind all the above to powder by adding salt per your tasate.Add jeera and garlic to the above mixture and grind again to powder. The aroma of this podi cannot be explained in words. You have to try it and feel it.It tastes good with hot rice and ghee. It also tastes good in dosa and idli as well.

Friday, April 20, 2007

VA Tech Massacre

I still can't believe this VA Tech shooting happened and wish its a dream.I hope its not real and something that CNN & NBC channels want the people to prepare in worst case scenario for such instances. I guess facereading or psychology should be part of our course work so that we will observe in that angle and be careful when we come across crazy people like this. I know I am talking something but I wish someone or something stopped this guy.
Whatever happened is happened no matter what I think except praying God to give enough strength to all the victims families and help them to recover soon.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Godhuma attu (Wheat flour dosa)

I remember my mom making this as an evening snack after we come from school. I eat them and enjoy well and get scoldings for skipping the meal at night. We can eat this with any pacchadi.(tomato, allam etc).I make this very often and luckily my husband likes it too.The recipe and preparation are as easy as making an omlette.


Wheat Flour- 1 cup
Rice Flour-1/2 cup
Karivepaku-5 to 6 leaves
onion-1 medium sized
green chillies-1 or 2
cumin-1/2 tbsp
salt and chillipowder per taste.
Water to make batter

we have to mix all the above ingredients by slowly adding water to the consistency of dosa batter(little thicker side) and follow the steps of making dosa( basically any kind of dosa/attu you make). Serve it with your favourite pacchadi or pappula podi.