Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mirchi Bajji (Mirapakaya Bajji) Uhm....Yummy

The temperatures dropped horriby in midwest in past two weeks. I am sure that most of us crave for something hot if it is chilly/raining outside and I am no exception. I thought about making these bajjis when it is raining on my drive to home after work.

My hometown is Guntur in AP and mirchi bajjis taste awesome there.If you ever get a chance to go thru Guntur,try to get taste of them.You will just love them.Trust me. You can get them in the Guntur Railway station too if you really dont get the chance to go into town. It looks like I am advertising for Guntur Bajjis, seriously I am not.
I got the recipe from Indira's Mahanandi but used the ajwain and salt mixture for the stuffing inside, trying to get guntur bajjis taste. I also like potato Bajjis and made a batch of them with the leftover batter. The result is on display for you.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Beans and Carrot Fry, Egg Pulusu

I am very busy with work and guests these days and finally got sometime to post something on my blog. This recipe I am posting is simple and you can fix it very fast. I guess I almost say every recipe on my post simple and easy.Let me tell you why? I use canned food to save some chopping and cooking time.I used canned beans but fresh carrots since I have them both handy. Follow the Popu beat and add chopped onions. Fry them little bit by adding little turmeric. Add chopped carrots( 1 inch pieces so that they cook fast) and fry this onion carrot mixture till carrots get tender. Add the beans and mix it and add salt and chilly powder. Stir it sometime and tasty curry is ready. Coming to egg pulusu its easy too but little time consuming.
First step for this is to have the boiled eggs ready by the time you make this pulusu.
Chop 2 medium sized onions and 5 green chillies. Add these to popu.fry them little bit and add little sugar so that we have sweet and sour pulusu. Trust me its very Yummy. Coming back to recipe, add tamarind extract of lemon size tamarind.Let this come to boil. Add salt and chilli powder. Add the boiled eggs with slight cuts on its outer surface to this mixture.Let it sit on medium or medium low for 5 minutes so that eggs absorbs all the above flavours.