Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tea time buddies

Come join us for a cup of Tea. I also have Biscuits ready for you. I liked this Tea set in Pier 1 and glad that its not a bad decision. I mainly liked the change to drink the tea in a tea cup but not in a coffee mug anymore :). (Believe it or not Coffee Mug is a necessity in my School life)
I made this Tea with Tajmahal Teapowder, sugar, cardomom and Milk.
To make two cups of tea add 1 tbsp tea powder and sugar( per your taste)and split cardomom to 1 cup water, bring it to boil and add 1 Cup Milk. Bring it to boil and your tea is done.
I am sure many of you there know how to make better/ delicious tea to this,but this is for the beginners or people who still wonder we can make tea with milk that tastes great.
Did anyone tried the StarBucks Chai Latte, I liked it, but I prefer homemade tea to that.