Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mirchi Bajji (Mirapakaya Bajji) Uhm....Yummy

The temperatures dropped horriby in midwest in past two weeks. I am sure that most of us crave for something hot if it is chilly/raining outside and I am no exception. I thought about making these bajjis when it is raining on my drive to home after work.

My hometown is Guntur in AP and mirchi bajjis taste awesome there.If you ever get a chance to go thru Guntur,try to get taste of them.You will just love them.Trust me. You can get them in the Guntur Railway station too if you really dont get the chance to go into town. It looks like I am advertising for Guntur Bajjis, seriously I am not.
I got the recipe from Indira's Mahanandi but used the ajwain and salt mixture for the stuffing inside, trying to get guntur bajjis taste. I also like potato Bajjis and made a batch of them with the leftover batter. The result is on display for you.


Anonymous said...

hey superb bajjis!! miss those guntur bajji stalls!! even i am guntur!!

Smitha said...

Thanks Paddu,I liked your blog. I love gongura pacchadi.I will bring it from India i.e pulihora gongura that lasts long.But I miss regular gongura roti pacchadi with green chillies.

Lera said...

Bajjis are very tempting!

Anonymous said...

I dont' know what U made me miss more....Mirapakya bajji or Guntur :)